Club Governance


Coffin Bay Yacht Club is a not-for-profit community club run by volunteers. The club is governed by a constitution that sets out the rules of operation for the various activities of the club as well as Annual and Special General Meetings. A copy of the constitution is provided here: CBYC Constitution_Sep2023


Coffin Bay Yacht Club is a Member of Australian Sailing and as such has adopted and abides by the Australian Sailing Member Protection Policy, Code of Conduct and Child Safeguarding Policy.


The General Committee schedules the date for the Annual General Meeting each year following adoption of the independent financial review. In line with our constitution, the AGM must be held by the end of November. The 2023 AGM was held in the Club at 2pm on Sunday, 17th September. A copy of the 2023 notice of meeting is provided here: 2023 Notice of AGM


The Club’s General Committee for 2023/24 is made up of the following volunteers:

Flag & Executive Officers

Commodore:  Brenton Wilhelm
Vice Commodore:  Noel (Irish) Fealy
Rear Commodore:   Jane Cross
Secretary & Treasurer:  Karen Tagg

General Committee

Sailing Officer: Peter Henderson
House Officer: Amy Carr
Public Officer: Peter Blacker

General Committee:    Kalo Sunset
General Committee:    Clint Bradford
General Committee:    Lisa Henderson
General Committee:    Matthew Mercer

Employee Personnel

Hospitality Manager: Amy Carr
Hospitality Team: Brooke Utting, Brooke Cox, Dylan Crawford, Cheryl Hazel

Esplanade, Coffin Bay SA 5607