The gateway to Coffin Bay's pristine waterways and beyond.

Book a berth for your vessel at our modern floating pontoon facility. All berths have access to power, water and use of CBYC amenities. We have 10 meter and 15 meter berths available for short or long-term use as well as bookable free community day use areas. Visitors welcome!

Jetty Rules

Click below to view our Terms & Conditions of use for general use and vessels.

Jetty Bookings

All jetty users must have a confirmed booking prior to arrival. No guarantee of availability is made without a confirmed booking. Free community day use areas and short-term bookings can be made online here:

Book an hourly free Community Day Use area for up to 4 hours

Book an overnight short-term berth

Short Term Booking fees

Duration Day use areas 10m Berth 15m Berth
Day use < 4 hours Free N/A N/A
Nightly N/A $30 $50
Weekly N/A $180 $300
Monthly N/A $600 $1,000

Are you staying on board your vessel?

Short term accommodation on board your vessel is permitted whilst at the jetty but is strictly limited to 30 days in any 60-day period. There are no sullage facilities available and discharge whilst at the jetty is prohibited. Access to the Yacht Club’s shore-based amenities is provided to guests during their stay. Please obtain an amenities key from the Yacht Club bar during opening hours or by calling us on 0486 046 448 outside of opening ours ($50 key deposit applies). In addition, sub-letting of vessels for accommodation is strictly prohibited, vessels in breach of any restrictions will be removed from the jetty.

Public Jetty

Coffin Bay Yacht Club jetty is open to the public at all times. We encourage all users of the jetty to secure their belongings and not leave valuables behind. Anyone using the jetty does so at their own risk.

Long Term Bookings

Long term jetty bookings can be arranged via application to the Coffin Bay Yacht Club general committee. Quarterly and annual rates are listed in the table below. Don’t forget our 20% off-peak winter discount is also applicable to quarterly bookings from June – September. Please email to request an application form. If demand is greater than the available capacity applicants will be merit selected based on the criteria listed on the booking form.


10m Berth

15m Berth







Trailer Storage

Coffin Bay is a busy destination in peak season, with limited space to park trailers near the Yacht Club. We ask that owners refrain from parking their trailers in the town centre or foreshore areas.

To assist vessel owners, the Club currently offers free use of our storage yard in the Coffin Bay industrial area for vessel trailers. Any vessel with a current booking can make use of this yard, however storage is at the owner's risk. Please contact us on 0486 046 448 to arrange access.

Further Information

For further information about the jetty and how to book please contact us on 0486 046 448.

Esplanade, Coffin Bay SA 5607