History of the Club

Coffin Bay Yacht Club evolved from an offer by Phil Hurrell to teach John Rogers to sail. At a public meeting in 1975, a club was formed with an initial membership fee of $2 for the 22 inaugural members. 

For a small town with no social meeting place, the purchase of a shack (the original Coffin Bay Store and residence) on the foreshore as a clubhouse proved a boon for locals and visitors alike.

A strong band of volunteer workers has been the backbone of the clubs amazing history. From the demolition of the original clubhouse and the construction of the new clubhouse in two stages (1980 and 1985) to the provision of meals three nights a week, as well as bar facilities, the volunteers have provided the expertise and labour involved.

The main focus has always been to promote sailing and provide facilities for the local sailors and those from further afield. Volunteers have worked to raise money for new sailing dinghies, rescue boats and undertake major renovations on the existing clubhouse in 2006. This included a new bar, floor coverings, lighting and a life membership wall.

The club has come a long way since 1979, but the basis of its success remains the same, and that is to provide a social meeting place for locals and visitors alike. Still being operated by community volunteers, we are able to provide reasonably priced meals and a fantastic location to join together with friends and family.

The club is now an official refuge of last resort in case of emergency with an automatic generator for power.

Esplanade, Coffin Bay SA 5607